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1422 Brilliant St, Raton, NM 87740
Phone: 575-445-4933, Cell: 575-447-4933, Fax: 575-445-0026
Email:  hyde1@centurylink.net or hydechar@gmail.com

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About Chuck

Charles knows northern New Mexico and southern Colorado well. After growing up northwest of Nashville, Tennessee he found it easy to mix with folks in the mountain and high plains areas. He met his wife, Lucia, in Taos, New Mexico where they chanced together as highly achieving professionals ((surveying, gunsmithing, teaching [math, science, industrial arts]) not enamored with pursuing urban-focused careers. They came to Raton from Taos in 1998 with a ten year old real estate business, part of the Realtors' Association of NM in which Charles served on committees involved in promoting practices locally helpful for appraisers, title companies, banks and lenders, as well as buyers and sellers. In addition, procedures designed to defuse disagreements over misunderstandings of fair practice laws and procedures. Local MLS's expect members to enter all listings to be uploaded into www.Realtor.com , our most valuable advertising medium, so that buyers, sellers, lenders and the general public may observe data of interest. Otherwise, a limited picture of the market is displayed.

Our memberships in the Las Vegas (New Mexico) MLS board and Spanish Peaks, CO MLS provide greater contacts nationally with some 900,000 Realtors nationally.  This means currently MLS brokers throughout Colorado and New Mexico have instant access to listing materials.  These brokers  work with each other to prevent conflicts and misunderstandings between themselves and/or buyers and sellers. Thusly, at all stages there is less likelihood of unpleasant surprises for their clients.

Charles has completed training offered in Colorado and New Mexico intended to further ethical standards and conformance to state laws and regulations. Also, as is true of most MLS brokers, he has received advanced training in finance and appraising principles.    

About the Area

We are not alone in believing a small town in the southern Rocky Mountain chain is a beautiful area.
Over the past several years, we have sustained a loss of many jobs and population, forcing a change in the economy. We who remain as concerned citizens look forward to new people moving in, and the business climate will now welcome innovative folks. Being an elderly Realtor surrounded by new ideas helps keep at least one young. It's fun to meet people dreaming of establishing new businesses and finding ways to do it with a little help from us and to know the glow of happiness when difficult negotiations bear fruition. There are also very fine buildings in town waiting for imaginative investors able to attract unusual business ventures.  The elderly have two fine regional general hospitals (Raton and Trinidad), rehabilitation facilities and caring family practitioners plus medivac arrangements which can fly patients to Albuquerque, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Amarillo and possibly other facilities. Those needing specialists do not find driving to Taos, Walsenburg, Pueblo or Santa Fe overly taxing. We also have a growing artistic, musical and thespian community involving events allowing us to mingle with fellow souls in Angel Fire, Taos, Trinidad and Clayton, NM to mention a few.

To find out more about Raton & Northeast New Mexico visit the Raton Chamber of Commerce: www.raton.info

For information about real estate in the areas, go to www.Realtor.com and search by city and state. Please be aware that many listings may not show up, as only MLS listings are uploaded to these sites. You may need to contact a local MLS broker to learn about those properties.  For general New Mexico information, go to www.nmRealtor.com 

What is a Buyer's Agent?

A "Listing Agent" is an agent of the Seller.  A Seller's agent works solely on behalf of the Seller with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity.  The agent negotiates on behalf of and acts as an advocate for the Seller.  For this reason, a buyer should consider engaging a "Buyer's Agent".

Remember: The seller's agent must disclose to potential buyers all adverse material facts by the seller's agent about the property.